Dental X-Rays for Pregnant Women: Is it Safe?

Is it safe to get dental xrays if you are pregnant and live in houston

Dental X-Rays for Pregnant Women: Is it Safe?

Many pregnant women have questions about dentistry. Is it safe for me to get a dental x-ray while I am pregnant? What if I need to get dental work done while I am pregnant? It is safe for you to get a dental x-ray while you are pregnant.

In the past, people were advised not to get dental x-rays because they were concerned about radiation exposure. However, dental x-rays only have a small amount of radiation. The body will also be covered with a lead apron. An x-ray is the best tool that a dentist can use in order to correct dental problems.

Your Oral Health During Pregnancy

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has stated that it is safe for pregnant women to get x-rays. They also recommend that pregnant women get dental assessments during the first trimester. Even if a dental procedure requires x-rays and anesthesia, it is still a good idea to see a dentist.

Getting dental care during pregnancy can reduce the risk of complications. Make sure that you let your dentist know that you are pregnant. You will also need to let your Houston dentist know how far along you are in your pregnancy.

If you suffer from morning sickness, then you are at a greater risk of suffering from tooth decay. Many women get relief from morning sickness by eating foods that are high in carbohydrates. This can also increase your risk of tooth decay. Furthermore, vomiting can weaken your tooth enamel and make your teeth more susceptible to decay.

Why Oral Care is Important

Regular professional dental care and good home care practices will prevent dental problems. If you have a problem during pregnancy, then our Houston dentists at Sinada Dental may recommend that you get an x-ray to help diagnose and provide treatment.  Dental x-rays while pregnant are safe, and help catch oral issues before they develop into more serious conditions.

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