What Are The Factors That Influence Dental Implants Recovery Time?

What Are The Factors That Influence Dental Implants Recovery Time

What Are The Factors That Influence Dental Implants Recovery Time?

Dental implants provide a permanent technique for teeth replacement. This process involves a prosthetic and a surgical component. However, the surgical component needs time to heal. The most frequently asked question regarding dental implants is how long it takes for one to recover. The healing time for inserting dental implants is a complicated procedure that differs from one person to another. Below are factors that influence the time it takes for dental implants to recover.


The dental implant is inserted into the bone to substitute the tooth’s root portion. After the placement of the dental implant, it takes a couple of months for osseointegration to occur. Osseointegration originates from the Greek word Osteon which means bone and intergrare a Latin word which means to make whole. It refers to the functional and structural bond between the bone and the artificial implant. This means that the bone blends with the implant to become firm enough to hold a tooth. However, this treatment procedure cannot be sped up. It takes about four to six months to be completed. Once the osseointegration is done, a tooth can be fixed to your dental implant, and you can begin chewing without problems.


Inserting a dental implant through a surgical procedure requires a short healing time, and patients just need to take medications like Ibuprofen, which can be accessed from any pharmacy. A Houston Dentist removes the patient’s stitches at around fourteen days after the surgery, and the patients can go on living like usual.

Special Circumstances

If your tooth is deteriorating and needs removal, the Houston Dentists at Sinada Dental will extend the implant procedure because the bone needs to recover before the implant is placed to restore the tooth. Usually, a bone graft will be inserted in the socket of the tooth to keep the bone open. This simplifies the insertion of an implant later.

There are rare circumstances where an implant can be inserted the same day the tooth is being removed. This is time-saving when it comes to recovering, and the patients get their artificial teeth faster. Unfortunately, not all patients can have immediate implants. Patients can speak to Sinada Dental about having a CT scan to determine if they are eligible for dental implants.

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