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For many Houstonians, the holiday season is the most exciting time of the year. It’s when you get to relax from what might have been challenging times at work and take time to decompress. This often includes spending a good amount of time with family members. It’s also a great time to get caught up with friends that you haven’t been able to see throughout the year.

The holiday season usually includes shopping, wrapping gifts and running errands. With all of these activities going on, you’ll eat lots of food and sugary treats. Let’s face it, most people don’t stick with their diet during the holiday season because there are too many temptations around. Quite frankly, the focus should be on enjoying the time you have with the people you love. You can think about your diet when the new year comes around.

While you can absolutely enjoy yourself during the holiday season, you certainly don’t want this time of indulgence to affect the health of your teeth. There’s a way around this issue during the holiday season. In fact, it’s simply a matter to scheduling a dental appointment with Sinada Dental in advance. There are many reasons why this should be a priority and several of them are listed below.

Optimizing Use of Dental Benefits

Most people with dental insurance don’t realize that they will lose some of their dental benefits on December 31st. This is because dental benefits are not transferred to the following year. When you choose to use them during the holiday season, you can take advantage of what’s available instead of it going away on January 1st. If the holiday season has already started, you can call our office to find the best time that fits into your schedule to get a cleaning and take care of any other work that may be necessary. The best way to enter the new year is with a bright smile and healthy gums.

Enjoying Rich Desserts

There’s a lot to look forward to during the holiday season. Chief among them are delicious desserts that you will likely find at every turn. If you go into the holiday season with tooth decay or without having had your teeth checked in a long time, there’s a chance that you will exacerbate any existing problems. It’s much better to see your dentist for a cleaning and regular checkup before or during the holiday season so that you don’t have to think about causing damage by enjoying cakes, pies and the many other tasty delights that will be on the table during the holidays.

Combating Cavities

Nobody wants to end up with dental cavities. They’re painful and can destroy your beautiful smile. It’s possible to combat the issue of cavities before the holiday season gets underway by visiting your dentist. When you think about the amount sugar that’s consumed between home and work, it makes sense to combat the issue of cavities by having a thorough cleaning before you throw caution to the wind and start to feast on sugar-laden candy and other treats that cross your path during this time of the year. Enjoying a meal together with friends and family is what memories are made of and you certainly don’t want to ruin it by dealing with a toothache.

In addition to the reasons already listed, you’ll want your smile to be Instagram-ready during the holiday season. Sinada Dental can help you achieve the goal of smiling brightly without hesitation for every picture taken during the holidays.

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