Many of us make new year’s resolutions to live healthier lives, but we rarely make healthy lifestyle changes permanent. It takes time, energy, and repetition to make a lifestyle change a daily habit. One of the easiest changes you can make is to take better care of your teeth and gums. It doesn’t require a membership, and you don’t have to drive somewhere to participate. Here are some actions you can take to do a better job in improving the health of your teeth and gums.

Make a dental appointment

Around 100 million Americans do not see a dentist during the year. Seeing a dentist at least once a year is a good way to get an update on the health of your teeth and gums. Even if you feel you have good oral health, a dental x-ray may reveal developing issues. Getting an appointment is as easy as calling your local dental office, and you can usually see a dentist within a few days after setting the appointment.

Start flossing

Many people only floss when they feel food particles in between their teeth, but this is not enough for healthier teeth and gums. You need to brush and floss twice a day. The easiest way to make flossing a habit is to keep your dental floss next to your toothbrush and floss immediately after you brush your teeth.

Reduce sugar consumption

There is no question that sugar causes tooth decay, and there are many studies that support this fact. Sugar is also addictive, which can make consuming less of it hard. To make it a little bit easier, slowly cut back on the amount of your sugar intake by making by making some simple swaps. For instance, try sugar-free diet sodas or sugar-free flavored carbonated water. You can also try sugar-free gum to kick sugar cravings.

Stop smoking

Smoking and using other tobacco products can cause gum disease and other serious health issues like oral cancer. Trying to quit using all tobacco products is extremely difficult. Pick a date that you resolve to quit these products and seek the help of family, friends, and your doctor to help you get rid of this habit.

Eat healthy foods

Unprocessed foods are naturally low in sugar. Dairy products, seeds, dark leafy green vegetables, and some beans are high in calcium, which is healthy for the teeth. The fiber in some of these foods also helps to scrub away plaque.

Make having healthier teeth and gums your new year’s resolution and take it one day at a time. Always remember that you can control the health of your teeth and gums by following a few simple steps that only take a few minutes a day.

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