Although most Houstonians know the benefits of good dental care for one’s health, most may not know what to look for when searching for a dentist. Besides, how can a non-dental person know the right questions before choosing their dentist?  Let’s start by identifying two main considerations that will affect your chose – how a dentist treats you as a whole person and how they treat your mouth and teeth. To help you arrive at your choice for the best dentist in Houston for you and your family, Sinada Dental has put together these 10 important questions to consider.

1.) Can I openly ask the dentist questions?

Sometimes the dentist prefers that you speak to someone at the front desk or another staff person. This is not good practice. Makes you think that you are not that important to the dentist.  A dentist who truly cares about you will be happy to openly answer any questions that you may have.

2.) What is the dentist’s philosophy with regards to performing dentistry?

Sometimes people don’t want to be told what to do, rather they want their dentist to collaborate with you on the best treatment plan that fits your lifestyle and budget. A good dentist will explain the problems that he may see regarding your oral health and include you in the decision-making about your care.

3.) What type of dental materials are used in the practice?

In today’s world of high tech and high touch, a dentist should be using state-of-the-art materials with an equal understanding of the latest treatment methods for restorations and cosmetic dentistry.  Look for a dentist that can provide you with an esthetic, high quality restoration with materials that provide the best look and comfort for a long-lasting smile.

4.) What kind of education has the dentist had in the past year?

Outstanding dentists do not stop learning once the finish their dental education. Instead, they continually keep up with the latest developments in the field by taking continuing education classes.  It is true that the State of Texas requires every dentist to complete some form of continuing education credits each year, however a great dentist will seek out more opportunities to better their skills.

5.) Does the dentist adhere to the OSHA guidelines for quality and infection control?

Cleanliness plays a very important part in the dental industry and you have to make sure that the dentist closely follows or exceeds all OSHA guidelines. This means that the dentist should always wear gloves, mask and adhere to strict sterilization of all equipment and hand pieces.

6.) Is the dentist interested in your overall health?

Prior to starting treatment, a great dentist should ask questions related to your health and medical history. By knowing this information, the dentist can offer individualized treatment, considering any allergies, drug interactions and intolerances that you may have.

7.) Does the dentist perform oral cancer screenings?

Many people equate cancer with more common types, such as breast or prostate cancer. But did you know that close to 49,750 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year? That’s why it is critically important for your dentist to thoroughly screen you for oral cancer. By identifying signs of oral cancer early, your doctor has a much better chance to intervene before it spreads to other areas of the body.

8.) Does the dentist check for gum disease, tooth decay and even whether you have a correct bite?

At each of your cleaning appointments, the dentist or dental hygienist should perform a thorough cleaning exam using a periodontal probe. By keeping a record of decayed, missing and filled teeth, a great dentist will have a plan for your treatment.

9.) Is your dentist available in nights and evening in case of an emergency?

Although dental emergencies occur less frequent that other medical conditions, a great Houston dentist will have procedures for arranging emergencies outside of regular office hours. Equally as important, when you first make an appointment with the dentist, you want to be seen soon, not in several weeks.

10.) Is it easy to discuss dental treatment costs with your dentist?

A good dentist should be willing to understand your financial situation and openly discuss the costs of treatment, including dental insurance, payment methods and payment plans. By knowing the full cost of treatment, you should have all the information you need to make the right choice for choosing the best dental provider in Houston.

So there you have it, a criteria to use for choosing the best dentist for you and your family. At Sinada Dental, aside from providing excellent and high quality dental care, we strive to provide you with all the information so you can make an informed decision regarding your lifelong oral health.

So, call us today and start the journey to a more confident you!

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