Once summer is in full swing, it’s hard not to get lost in all the activities and excitement. However, when we’re having fun, sometimes our responsibilities and attention to detail fall by the wayside. These are the six best tips for keeping your mouth fresh and healthy during the warm months.

1. Increase your water intake. As temperatures rise, staying hydrated becomes more difficult due your body producing more sweat than usual. Going for too long without drinking water can lead to dehydration and an overall negative effect on your body. Throughout the day, the saliva in your mouth is slowly rinsing away a large portion of the food particles and plaque in your teeth. A decrease in saliva production can hinder this process, leading to a heightened risk of infection and tooth decay. Even these conditions alone can gradually turn into gum disease. Simply put, make sure you’re drinking enough water!

2. Stay on top of your oral health. During the warmer months, your desire for cold, sweet treats such as ice cream and soda increase. With heightened consumption of these types of food, it’s recommended you also boost how often you’re tending to your oral health. It’s recommended that you brush at least twice a day and floss often to keep dental/oral problems at bay.

3. Protect your lips from sun damage. The skin that spans the lips is thinner and more susceptible to damage than the skin on other areas of your body. This is why you should take additional measures to protect it before going out in the sun. There are plenty of lip balms and creams armed with an SPF. As you lather on your usual sunscreen, be sure to also apply the appropriate balm to your lips as well.

4. Avoid chewing on ice cubes. When we finish a nice, cool drink, sometimes we feel naturally drawn to keep chomping on the ice that remains in order to increase hydration. However, chewing ice can actually be rather damaging to the inside of the mouth. Specifically, chewing ice can cause teeth to chip, crack, or even break. Dental implants and cosmetics can also be damaged from chewing on ice. As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to forego the ice and just opt for another cool drink.

5. Keep your kitchen stocked with healthy, clean foods. There is a certain ideology about summer time that suggests cares and responsibilities should be tossed to the wayside and relaxation should be prioritized. However, this ideology should be embraced responsibly. With all the summer cookouts, treats, and snacks to be had, it’s easy to forget that your bodily health still matters even in the summer time. Keep your oral health in good shape by stocking your kitchen with delicious fruits, vegetables, and other healthy alternatives.

6. See your dentist regularly. There aren’t many people who particularly like going to the dentist (if so, you haven’t been to Sinada dental :-)), but even in the summer months, you should still show up for your scheduled appointments. Your dentist will also be able to provide you with additional information on protecting your oral health during the summer months. You’ll also be able to stay on top of any potential issues with regular checkups.

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