Thanksgiving is on its way, and it’s a day when people eat as much food as they can and take a break from the diets they have been on.

You don’t have to look far to find the kinds of recipes that can help you stick to your healthy eating routine, and many of them are delicious. With that being said, the Houston Dental office of Sinada Dental wants you to know that taking care of the health of your teeth during this holiday is just as important to your complete health as eating right. Just as there are specific kinds of foods that will help to keep the weight off of you, there are also foods that will ward off tooth decay.

Below are different kinds of foods that you will want to include in your Thanksgiving meals if you want to take care of the teeth that make your smile nice and shiny.

First off, to keep bacteria from attaching itself to your teeth and becoming plaque you will want to be sure to eat some cranberries. To prevent oral cancer and stave off soft and bleeding gums you will want to include vegetables that are high in vitamin C and A. Some of the best vegetables to eat for this purpose are butternut squash, asparagus, green beans, and other winter vegetables and greens.

To help your teeth get stronger you will want to be sure to eat vegetables that have beta carotene inside of them, because it encourages your body to make vitamin A. One way of doing this is to cook some carrots and celery into your delicious stuffing. To encourage the re-mineralization of your teeth be sure to eat some pumpkin pie, because it contains vitamin C and calcium, which are both good for this purpose. Most people are happy to find another reason to eat pumpkin pie!

Last, but not least, eat plenty of turkey during Thanksgiving, because it contains a lot of phosphorus, and this mineral is important for the development of your teeth.

Sinada Dental wants to encourage you to consider protecting the health of your teeth by eating these foods during your Thanksgiving celebration. Along with this, be sure to drink water in between and during meals to help flush out foods that contain too much sugar that can cause tooth decay. And, of course, remember to floss and brush your teeth after you eat to preserve the health of your teeth and gums.

Get a hold of our Houston Dental office to find out more about the kinds of foods you should be including in your thanksgiving meal.

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