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What are Dental Crowns?
Dental crowns are placed on weak teeth to protect them from further decay and damage. When a tooth is broken or cracked, a dental crown will provide it with protection to keep it from having to be extracted. It is a cosmetic procedure that can also be used to hide misshapen or discolored teeth. The smile is typically the first thing someone notices, which is why many individuals have them administered.

Can Anyone get a Dental Crown?
While they are a popular dental treatment among many people, there are some individuals who are not ideal candidates for dental crowns. For example, those who were diagnosed with periodontal disease may not be suitable candidates because a dental crown won’t stop the spread of the disease. In addition, those who are going through radiation in the head or neck may not be ideal candidates for the procedure. A dental crown will be placed to cover the tooth all the way to the gum line. When the gums recede, a dental crown may reveal the bottom of the crown or the partial tooth underneath. Therefore, a dentist may not recommend dental crowns for those with receding gums. A dental professional will administer a full examination to see if a dental crown is a suitable treatment option.

How is a Dental Crown Made?
A dental crown is molded to mimic the natural shape of the tooth, and it can be offered in various shades to match the color of the natural teeth. When properly taken care of, a dental crown can last more than seven years. However, a dental crown will eventually need to be redone or fixed because of natural deterioration. As a result, the placement of a dental crown can be quite costly.

A dentist will ensure that your teeth are properly prepared for a dental crown placement. When a tooth is severely decayed, a root canal may need to be administered before the crown is placed. A dentist may also need to file the natural tooth to ensure the crown fits securely in place.

An impression of the tooth will be made and sent to a lab where the dental crown will be molded. When the dental crown has been placed, there isn’t any pain or discomfort. They are made to feel and look like normal teeth, so they can be used in the same manner in which you use your natural teeth.

If your teeth could benefit from having a crown for health or cosmetic reasons, come visit us at Sinada Dental. We are equipped to provide your with the best dental treatment for dental crowns.

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